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Lash Care Guidlines

Keep your lashes looking like the professionals ! Ever wonder why our lashes always look amazing ? For beautiful extensions that last, follow these guidelines faithfully, and keep your extensions looking like the pros!

*Wash lashes twice a day only with lash friendly cleanser. Especially if you are wearing make-up around your extensions. Never go to bed with dirty lashes!! Cleansers that are not designed for extensions can be too aggressive, and cause premature shedding.

*Brush lashes everyday. Do not brush lashes that have not been cleaned!! If you are brushing and not washing you are pulling on crunchy lashes, and causing them to be break off!

*NEVER use mascara with your lash extensions!

*Keep all oily products not designed for extensions away from lashes. This includes certain oil-based Make-Up, contact solution, eye creams, and hair products. Natural tears can leave a film on lashes as well so be sure to wash lashes after crying, or sweating.

*Do not rub or pull on lashes. Sleep with silk or satin pillow case. Some materials can snag extensions.

*ONLY use lint free products around lashes, do not use make-up wipes, Q-tips or cotton swabs on lashes.

*Do not get tanning solution on lashes, or expose them to the tanning beds. Extensions are sensitive to heat sources and can end up looking scorched or lose their curl.

*Schedule regular two week re-lash appointments to keep them looking their best!


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