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What Happens After your Full Set or Re-lash

The hard truth is, extensions are going to shed! I know its sad to see those beautiful lashes fall! Your natural lashes have their own shed cycle that is unique to you so losing lashes is inevitable. The average person loses 2-5 natural lashes a day, so naturally extensions are going to shed as well.

Our state of the art products can help create beautiful lashes that last, however we cannot control how and when your natural lashes shed, or how well you take care of your extensions after your appointment. So please follow all the recommended guidelines. Average rate of extension shedding: After 1 week = 10%. 2 weeks-30%. 3 weeks 40-60%. 4 weeks 75% or more of extensions have shed. If you did not follow guidelines and you lost all your lashes, or it has been four weeks since your last appointment, then you will need a full set.

Do not excessively brush extensions. Keep hands off! Do not apply make-up to eye area in the first 4-8 hours. Be prepared to see extensions fall the first time you wash your lashes. Clients who toss and turn in their sleep might notice lashes that have fallen on their pillow.

Wait only 4-8 hours after your fill or full set, before getting lashes wet but do not go more than 24 hours without washing lashes!!! Vivify salon is not responsible for damage done to lashes after 24 hours. If you are seeing extensions shedding rapidly shortly after your service please contact the salon.

The best thing you can do to help the life of your extensions and to keep your natural lashes healthy is to WASH them regularly. Not washing lashes can cause an overgrowth of lash mites which can effect how well your lashes grow. Without healthy natural lashes, we have nothing to attach a beautiful extension to!! So please wash your lashes ! Twice a day keeps the lash mites away! Extensions need clean, oil free lashes to adhere to. Please come to your appointment with clean lashes and eyes. Please do not apply concealers or powders to lids or under eyes before your service. Time spent deep cleaning your eyes is time lost lashing!

We recommend using Lash Box LA Bubble Lash to cleanse lashes with. Use lint free applicator or clean hands to gently sweep down lash line and around lids. RINSE cleanser off with warm water. Blot around eyes with lint free towel. Use hand held fan to dry or air dry. Gently brush extensions from center of curl out. Do not brush up from base like you would apply mascara.

Never go to bed with wet lashes!

Lashes are not just a luxury, they are a lifestyle and an investment. Protect your investment with our recommended guidelines, and live life with beautiful, sexy lashes!!


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